4*2m mall candy display stand with ceilling

4*2m mall candy display stand with ceilling

projects Description

    Small size same style pink candy kiosk

    When it comes to candy, this must be a kid’s favorite.  We can often see much candies store. Inside the sandy display, the cabinet is very nice, a lot of colors, like a fairy tale. In fact, in addition to the store, the candy store is also very popular. They have a lot of shapes, mainly candy kiosks, which are filled with candy as soon as you see them, to attract children’s attention. Let’s look at this one.

    · Size: 5m × 3m

    · Color: pink and blue

    · Material: MDF

    · Surface: baking painting

    · Lighting: led light

    · Water sink: stainless steel water sink


    the real production photos

    If you like this kiosk wanna make a similar design.

    1. Tell me your information regarding your mall candy display stand, including shopping area size, logo, 

    branding and what things you prepare to sell.
    2. The design deposit is 300usd for this project, it shows our sincere to cooperated.
    3. Our designer will give you the 3D drawing plan in 3 – 5 working days according to your request about the mall candy display stand.
    4. After the design finished, if you find someplace not acceptable, our designer will revise it freely.
    5. After the design plan approved by you, we will give you a CAD drawing plan, then manufacture it.
    6. We can help you to buy some machines about mall candy display stand, delivered together with your goods for saving you some time and money.