5x3m shopping mall eyebrow threading kiosk eyelashes extension service cabinet

5x3m shopping mall eyebrow threading kiosk eyelashes extension service cabinet

projects Description

    Hi, friends.I am here again. First, welcome to our website. Our website really have many many goods products. Here you are sure to find what you want. Whatever what you are selling, we all can design the kiosk to meet your business. In the shopping mall, food and jewelry kiosks will be more plentiful. But now salon kiosks are also more and more popular. Such as the main character today—eyebrow threading kiosk. Let’s start it.

    3D design pictures

    This one looks a bit Nordic style. The combination of mirror lights and color patterns looks gorgeous. We use oval mirrors and black curved lights. This kind of collocation has aesthertic feeling more. The circular glowing logo is also used to match the mirror. Our product can accordig to your requirements to deisgn it. Such as the size, color and the inside layout. This kiosk design is our customer’s ideas. If you havea better idea,you can tell us. We can according to your ideas to design your kiosk.Let’s learn more about this kiosk details.

    Material: MDF Surface finish: Baking paint

    Kick foot: Stainless steel Hardware: Lock, stainless steel handle

    Other: Mirrors, led lights, light logo, light box poster, sockets,sink,cushion etc.

    Size: 5x3m This style and this size price: 7800USD

    As long as there is anything on the picture,except the machines, we all can provide and install. Such as ligh logo and poster. Socket power is the standard of your country. You don’t have to worry about installation. When you received the goods, you just need to put them together, then connect the mall power supply. The kiosk can work.

    Production photos

    If you want to design your kiosk, the first thing is tell us your size and what style you like or just tell us the size and your requirements. Then we will design it. But you need to pay 300USD to make the deign, when we place an order, it will return to your balance payment. Make the design is to confirm all the details, because our technical drawing is accoring to your deiagn to make it, and our factory is accoridng to the drawing to production the kiosk. So the design is very important. We will do the design until you are satisfied, so we can go to next step.

    We will give you exact price when we finish the design, when you get approval from the mall, you need to pay 50% deposit, then we will start the production. Ans before shipment, you need to pay 50% balance payment. Then we will arrange the shipment. If you have any questions, please contact us.