Most popular child game mall LEGO kiosk design

Most popular child game mall LEGO kiosk design

projects Description

    Lego bricks are children’s favorite toys. this plastic building block has bumps on one end and the other end.there are holes that can be embedded in convex particles.there are more than 1300 shapes. each shape has 12 different colors, mainly red, yellow, blue, white and relies on children to operate their own brains, which can spell out endlessly changing shapes.which is is called magic plastic building blocks. since lego is so popular among the children market. that means our mall lego kiosk design is very popular.

    ok let’s see the details of this mall lego kiosk design drawings as below :

    As we can see this mall Lego kiosk design is very simple. the total size is 9*8 ft. the material is MDF with white, red and blue baking paint. there are mainly two side display counters.In half of the middle, there is a very creative counter for the cashier. two sides display counter are made of LEGO shape with different colors under the feet. and on the top, there is mainly use glass to show different toys. it will attract more do you think of this design? if you have any other design and request pls kindly contact us online.

    Real factory production image of this mall Lego kiosk design:

    How to order with our factory?

    If you love the kiosk-style and interested build one like it, just need to contact our sales, tell them your shop location size, your ideas about this kiosk,  then we can make a new design for this kiosk to you, can put all of your ideas on this kiosk build. 

    1. Send us an inquiry, our sales will contact you within  24 hours, talk details with our sales and tell us all of your ideas about this kiosk build.

    2. Make 3 D design for this kiosk to you.  2-3 days finished the design and send it to you for confirmed, if you have more ideas about the design, we can modify it for free. 

    3. After confirming the design, our designer starts a construction plan for this kiosk. then send it for your confirmed. 

    4. Payment 50 % deposit. start production it according to 3 D design and construction plan. delivery is 15-18 workdays.

    5, Take finish pictures for your check,  payment balance, packing and shipment to you.