America Plywood Ice Cream/Crepe kiosk Wood Grain Showcase

America Plywood Ice Cream/Crepe kiosk Wood Grain Showcase

projects Description

    Hello everyone! I’d like to introduce a good product to you again. Look at the title, both must be very attractive to you. Ice cream, essential for summer. There have many flavors, new flavors are both every day. It goes with milk and cholocate. Let person aftertaste is endless. Crepe can go with many more things. Such as bacon,cheese and ham, it can even serve it with fruit. It can be paired with salad dressing, chocolate sauce or ketchup. So it’s very attractive. If you know how to make the ice cream and crepe, you also can start your business. Today i am going to give you a very good ice cream/crepe kiosk. You can use it to sell them. A beautiful can help you bring a lot of people. Let’s look at this kiosk’s design.


    This kiosk is made of plywood , solid wood and laminate. This display effect of this wood grain is very good. The front is divide into several boxes. The frame is made of solid wood. You can put some pictures of your products in it. Such as the above pictures, it have logo, crepe and ice cream pictures. This pictures can be used as decorations to decorate your kiosk. The glass display on the side can hold some product models. Back wall is display shelves and light box posters. Display shelves can hold some containers or tools. Light box posters also can show your products or menu. Solid wood can be used as decoration, put in the middle of the light logo, the full development of brand.

    This kiosk is sell ice cream and crepe, so the crepe machine and display freezer is essential. You can put everything you want on the counter. Topping trays is also necessary. Back side counter with sink, you can use it to wash your food or your hand. Do you like this kiosk? I think it’s very nice. I don’t know if you have the same idea.

    This kiosk size is 8.5x17ft, production time is about 28 days. If you want to make a kiosk, you need to make a deign first. Our price is based on the size, material and style. So the price is also based on the final design. If you have a space in your mall, you can tell us the size you get from your mall, then we will according to your size and requirements to design it. Looking forward your welcome.