Milk Tea Kiosk | Attractive milk-shake display kiosk professional food kiosk manufacturer

Milk Tea Kiosk | Attractive milk-shake display kiosk professional food kiosk manufacturer

projects Description

    Good morning. Is a nice day in your country? Anyway, you should have a good mood. Nice day, and nice you. After coming our website, i think you know what we do. We are Chinese mall kiosks supplier. We are also customized company. Yes, we can design and customize mall kiosks according to all your requirements. You can decide the kiosk’s size, color, and layout. We have our designer and factory, so everything will be clear to you. Now let’s introduce a milk-shake kiosk.

    3D Design

    Kiosk outside

    This kiosk size is 3x2m(10x7ft). Price is 6800USD. The brand’s main color is the front display board we use purple, it is about to matching the brand with the name. Because the raw material of the customer’s products are mainly from the amazon rainforest, so we added green grass to make it more natural. Solid wood material also suggests an all-natural rainforest style. The comnination of green and trees gives people a taste of the amazon rainforest. The grass with light, it is to keep the grass look fresh at night, not top drak.The roof light box can show your products pictures. The light on the roof serve as decorations and illuminate the kiosk.

    Kiosk inside

    Inside front is toppings trays. you can put some ice cream or the products you want to show. Under the toppings trays is a freezer, you can put some drinks. Or make a refrigerating machine to keep the trays cold. It prevents ice cream from melting. The front left side is a cabinet, you can use it storage your things. Right side is a cashier counter, you can put cash register. Back side middle is a display freezer, you can store things that need to be frozen. Right side is a sink, we will provide water system. Left side also a storage cabinet, you can put a ice cream machine in there.

    This kiosk workmanship is a little complicated. The main materials are plywood,MDF and solid wood,surface finish is baking paint and laminte. Logo we use acrylic. Solid wood needs to be treated repeatedly to have this effect. The real pictures is much better than the design. Let’s look at the customer feedback diagram.

    It looks amazing, doesn’t it? In fact, this is the customer’s own design, but he give it to us. We discussed a lot of details. Finally we finished it together. After receiving the goods, the guest was very satisfied with them. He gave us a high opinion and gave us a lot of confidence. We just have the power to do your job well.

    I think trust each other is the only way to do a good job, I hope you also can trust us and let’s finish the work together. (some involve the trademark of the client’s brand, so cover it up)