Black wood grain jewelry store customize jewelry display cabinet

Black wood grain jewelry store customize jewelry display cabinet

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    Hi, everyone. Do you like jewelry? Have you ever been to a jewelry store? We can see many exquisite display cabinets. The impact of display cabinets on jewelry is very big. Display cabinets shoild be match jewelry, a good cabinets can make a value of jewelry doubles. If you use a simple, blurry glass display cabinet for your jewelry, it will look devalued. People cannot even see the jewelry or it looks like a lot of effort. So a jewelry stores have high requirements on display cabinets. Above all, the design that display cabinets should combine the demand of shopkeeper first. Such as shape and color. You can also put your logo. Display glass is very very important. It directly affects the customer’s selection experience. So our glass must be smooth and clear. Let’s look at a aset of pictures of display cabinets.


    This is the general layout of a jewelry store. Some display cabinet anmd some wall cabinets. People can go to the area they want top sit down and choose. What cabinet put oneself in another’s position chooses is wooden grain design, color slant black adds metallic frame. This color combination is quite common. It’s also suitable for jewelry display.

    Wall cabinets you can put some neck models to show your necklace. The middle cabinets among can display bracelet and ring. If you have other products, you also can show it. This cabinets we made of metal frame, tempered glass, plywood and laminate. These material all very durable and beautiful, they have good effect. You can use them to show your products better. If you have your logo, you can also put it in the cabinet. Both glass and cabinets have lock and key. They can keep your property safe. Do you like the layout or presentation like this? If you have a jewelty store, you can make a design first. Design the store layout, cabinet shape or color. When finsih the design, you can ask someone to production them.

    We are professional shop furniture manufacturer, and customize company. We have our own factory,can design and customize the display cabinets according to your requirements. If you have a store, please sent me its floor plan. Then we will according to your floor plan and your requirements to design the jeweley display cabinets. We have professional designer team, here you can get your favorite design and furniture. Our working process is very simple. First, pay 500usd and sent your floor plan and requirements, we will start design. When we finish the design, we will sent to your confirm, if no problem, we will start production. If you want to modify, ok, we will modify it. When finsih production, we will ship to to your country. Production to shipment to your port is about 2 month. If that’s the time you beed, please contact us as soon as possible.