Cell phone display furniture mobile phone accessories kisok

Cell phone display furniture mobile phone accessories kisok

projects Description

    Cell phone is an indispensable tool in our life, now more and more people use mobile phones to work and communicate with others. The mobile phone inustry is also widesoread, not necessarily in the mobile phone store to sell. We can see the shopping mall also have many people to sell phone. That’s great if you have a place in the mall. Because there have many people go to the shopping mall, if you sell your phone in the mall.That means more people will see your phone. So you need a kiosk to display your business. I will introduce a mall cell phone kiosk to you.

    This kiosk have 3 color, black, white and yellow. The size is 4×3 meters. One of the cabinet with wheels, so you can move it in and work in it . It made of MDF , and finish is baking painting. The material and workmanship are very good. . This is our customer’s feedback.

    The customer gave a good feedback when he received the goods. Most of kiosk are tempered glass, which is very strong and durable. The tower you can put a TV or a light box to show your business. Light logo let the kiosk more beautiful, it also can make people remember your brand.

    We can ship to any countries, but different country have different shipping fee. The circuit is also use according to the standard of your country. If you like this type, we can design a similar one for you. You can decide its color and style.Let’s look at some more pictures.

    If you have a place in the mall and want to make a cell phone kiosk, please contact us. We will design a new one for you.