Custom wooden shopping mall watch display kiosk

Custom wooden shopping mall watch display kiosk

projects Description

    Watches are not just about looking at time,watches also represent a taste! Although mobile phones can also wach time,but mobile phones are mobile phones,it is just a tool.the watch an be a jewelry,or even a culture ,wearing a watch, is a classic forever! the watch can show the taste and identity.what are the benefits of wearing a watch ? here I would like to give some intruduce to you later.

    Firstly let’s see one of our mall watch display kiosk design to you as below:

    -Here is the basic information for mall watch display kiosk :

    1.item :shopping mall wacth display kiosk design :

    2.size :12 ft by 10 ft

    3.material : MDF with white and black glossy baking

    4.layout : front ,left and right side mainly for display wactch, inside there is high wall watch display

    5.feature : plain and simple timesalce : 18-22 working days

    7.shipping : 30- 35 days , depends on which port .

    As old says wearing watch is successful for men, but in the nowadays more and more ladies to wear watches. that ‘s why ? below are some meaning and benefits of women wearing watches share with you …

            A perfect decoration. Everyone has a heart for beauty, especially girls. Almost all women wearing watches wear their watches on their right wrists, and they are all very delicate and beautiful. Because we usually say hello to people, work, writing, etc., almost all use the right hand and even the girls who work with their left hand.

            Be cautious and careful. Girls are known for their natural care and beauty, and each girl has almost a watch that runs accurately. Of course, the big girls definitely don’t wear watches.

            Quiet, introverted features. Girls generally have a strong sense of time and do not like to waste time. More often, even if you sit still and meditate, you won’t do some boring things. Generally, girls who like quiet are somewhat introverted–may be reserved. After all, keep the lady’s style as a lady.