VR Kiosk Design | cool mall VR display kiosk customize VR experience kisok

VR Kiosk Design | cool mall VR display kiosk customize VR experience kisok

projects Description

    Hello, do you dare to play some exciting recreation facilities? We all know the playground has many exciting projects, and many people are afraid to play. So now there are many VR experience halls. It doesn’t feel weightless, but it can let you immersive. The benefit of VR is that it can be exciting and safer than an amusement park. Its widely degress allows us to see it in any mall. Start a VR business, not just need the VR machines, you need have some cabinet or decoration to help your work. Today i want to introduce a VR experience kiosk. Let’s see the picture first.

    It looks cool, right? It has a magical feeling. VR has a variety of images to choose from: It has all kinds of styles, such as scary, exciting and relaxing. So we can design this a shape with a relatively large range of variation. To stimulate people’s visual perception. Like playing VR, it has visual impact. It makes people want to play it. So we need to deisgn an attractive kiosk to attract people. So make a kiosk is very necessary to show your VR equipment. The VR kiosk show in above is a bevel edge shape. We use transparent glass to cover the areas where are no walls. It gives people a clear view of what’s going on inside. And let people know how this work.

    Glass display cabinet can show some products or some auxiliary equipment. Such as toy guns or 4D glasses. If you have some good ideas about VR kiosk design, you can tell me. We can design it together. We are customize company, we will accept all your suggesstions. If you also want to make VR kiosk or other mall kiosks, you can contact us. We have more than 10 years work experience, we can do your kiosk very well. Let’s see the production photos.

    This kiosk is made of MDF and baking paint. Size is 4.5×3.4m, it with tempered glass and acrylic light letters. There are also some lights around to decorate the kiosk. We are an integrated design and production company. We have our own factory, so work with us is very easy.You can keep track of the goods.

    Our price is based on the size and style. The final price is depends on the final design. So when you want to make the kiosk, please do the design first. This design will charge you 300usd, when we place an order, it will deduct from your balance payment. But it is not once design, we can modify it until you are satisfied. So you’re gonna love it. If you have any questions, you can contact us and we will answer all your questions.

    Author: Cathy Wechat/ Whatsapp:+8613410683550 Email:sales04@myidea-kiosks.com