Excellent Quality Customized Oem Original Design Ice Cream Shop Kiosk

Excellent Quality Customized Oem Original Design Ice Cream Shop Kiosk

projects Description

    Excellent Quality Customized Oem Original Design Ice Cream Shop Kiosk

    1. Customized. 

    2. Free for Professional design.

    3. Owing workshop and professional design-manufacture group.

    4. Nice Craftmanship.

    5. Being in the field for more than ten years.

    6. Enough accumulation in exporting.

    7. Considerate service. As to each big step,  your confirmation is always needed. If needed, we will purchase the needed machine in China, delivered with the food kiosk.


    This is a ice cream kiosk, it can sell ice cream and ice-lolly. Its shape is round and its olor matches the color of an orange. The kiosk whole style should match the logo. We can according to the logo to make the kiosk color.

    How to get the kiosk?

    First, you have to get a space in your mall, when you sign the contract with the mall, you can tell us the size you get from your mall. Then you can sent us your logo, your machines size and your requirements. We will according to your requirements to design your kiosk. When we finish the design, you can sent the 3d design to get approval. We will start the production after the approval. If you need to modify the design, we can also modify it until you are satisfied.

    What is the total price?

    Before design, you need to pay 300USD design deposit to start it. When we place an order,it will return to your balance payment. So the design is free. The kiosk price based on the kiosk size, material and style. When we finish the design , we will know the exact price. Shipping fee is depends on your port or your special address.

    What is the kiosk material?

    For food kiosk, we usually use plywood and laminate, this is fire-proof material. Countertop we use man-made stone. If you need sink, we can install. Sink we use stainless steel. We also can install light logo and light box poster. Logo we use acrylic. Glass we use tempered glass.

    How long i can get the kiosk?

    Design time is 2-3 days.When you get approval, confirm the detail drawing, we will start the production. Production time is 20-28 days. The time of arrival is different in different countries.

    If you have questions, you can contact us.