Fashionable cosmetic retail store design interior display furniture for sale

Fashionable cosmetic retail store design interior display furniture for sale

projects Description

    Hello, times are changing fast, and people’s living standards are getting better and better. Now we start to pursue the quality of life. Exquisite clothing and beauty shops are all over the street. More and more fashionable shops appear in front of us. We can see many very luxury shop in the street, they looks very professional. When we see a store, it is like a force pushing you in. Because the decoration and environment of these stores look very high-end and attractive.

    So, when we want to build a store, we need to make a design first. That is very necessary. Because we can see our store first before we production it. We can first see the effect, if there is need to modify, we can timely change. This will avoid all mistakes. Let’s see a reference.

    This store have many display cabinets. So we can see many products in there. Generally girls have no resistance to cometics. So if they see a lot of cosmetics here, they will definitely come in and look. Of course, the cabinet that display cosmetics should look nice and high-end. We have requirements on its shape and color. Black appears more composed atmosphere. The cabinet top also can put some light box poster use as decoration. If you don’t like black, you can choose some white or pink color, it looks more cute and girlish. It is depends on your preference.

    When we want to start a shop, the most important thing is make a design first. We are customize company, we provide the furniture and design the shop. If you have a shop, you can sent me your shop floor plan, then we can accoridng to your requirements to design it. We will according to your business to design corresponding display cabinet. Display cabinet also will according to your size to deisgn it. You can decide their shape and color. Come what you wnat, we will design it until you’re satisfied.

    A shop design need 500usd design fee. Design is to confirm all the details. We need to make the deisgn first, then we will know what’s our products look like. So it is very necessary to make the design. But don’t worry, when we place an order, it will return to your balance payment. So the design is free. If you find a design company to help you make the design, the cost will be higher than ours. So it was a wise decision to choose us.

    Not only the 3d design, we also will do the technical drawing. When we confirm the drawing, production time is about 28 days. During the reproduction process, we will keep the product updated at any time, you can see its progress. If you want to design and buy some new furniture, please don’t hesitate to contact us.