wine kiosk | Fashionable dark green wine kiosk mall wine display cabinet

wine kiosk | Fashionable dark green wine kiosk mall wine display cabinet

projects Description

    Wine is attractive to many people,especially for men. Many people like a glass of wine when they are tired from work. Moderate drinking can satify our taste buds and relax our body and mind. It is also an essential part of a party or banquet. Its position in socity is not to be understimated. It is used in almost every important occasion and even in many families. Generally, those who buy wine have his exclusive store. But selling wine isn’t just limited to shops these days . You can sell them in the mall,not mall shop, it’s mall kiosk. Have you seen the wine kiosk in the mall? Let’s meet today.


    Is gorgeous right? The kiosk has a lot of room for wine. People can watch and choose their favorite wine. And check out at the counter. For a kiosk, you have to put you logo on it. The kiosk is also an extension of the store.If you are a famous brand, people will know and come to buy your wine. If you are a new business, you can use it to develop your brand. The middle display glass you can put some wine cup or wine model.

    A combination of dark green and wood grain gives a good visual effect. It has a sense of time. The longer a wine is kept, the better it tastes. You can see the effect, do you think it look good? Anyway, i like it.

    This kiosk size is 3x2m, made of plywood and laminate. It also can use solid wood, the effect will be more better. All accessories such as cabinet lock, handle, key and the logo we will install them. Are you interested in it? If you like it, but you don’t sell wine. YOu have different business, don’t worry. We can design the same style to meet your business. If you happen to be selling wine,that would be better. Provide me your logo and requirements, we will give you the best kiosk.

    We are customize company, we can design and customize the kiosk according to our customer’s requirements. You can find the kiosk you want here. We cover all the design, production and transportation. We provide you with full service. Any problem you worry about is not a problem. We have exported kiosks from many countries and we know the procedures and rules clearly. As long as you have a place in your mall, you can contact us.