Fashionable shopping mall coffee kiosk custom coffee display showcase

Fashionable shopping mall coffee kiosk custom coffee display showcase

projects Description

    Hi, everyone. Would you like some coffee? I want to say: yes. Coffee is the one of popular drinks. Because it has many functions. Caffeine is a substance that fights sleepiness and has been shown to boost brain activity. It also promotes the metabolism, the effect of fat burning, moderate drinking can make people temporarilly energetic, quick thinking. But don’t drink too much at once. But that’s just part of its popular. The main reason for its popularity is that it tastes good. Coffee have many flavors. Such as Americano, mocha, cappuccino ect. Coffee is becoming more and more popular, and there are more and more ways to sell it. Outdoor coffee shop, shopping mall coffee kiosk and street coffee cart. Today we’re going to focus on the coffee kiosk.

    I am sure we’re all familiar with kiosk. When we go to shopping mall, we can see a lot. It’s not like a shop, it’s just commercial furniture enclosed by counters. You can according to your location to design its shape. Let’s look at this one.

    If you want to design your kiosk, logo is very necessery. It can be use decoration, also can show your brand. This is a good opportunity to develop the brand. This kiosk color we use coffee color. Surface finish we choose wood veneer, it looks more professional. Inside also very simple, counter table can put the coffee and other machines. Such as cake display cabinet or refrigerator. The front can put a menu board or advertising picture. The front grille can be used as decoration.

    This kiosk size is 10x8ft, basic material is plywood and surface finish is laminate. There have a stainless steel sink, we can install water system if you need. If you want to make a kiosk, you can according to your location to design it. Tell us your requirements. We can design a new one. Our customer’s location have a wall, so the back size we also make a wall. This kiosk’s wall can put some shelves to show some books or containers.

    We can see the customer’s feedback photo.

    It’s fits perfectly here. When you received the kiosk, you can according to your business to put some machines. This kiosk we install outlet power, so you can use when you connect the power supply.

    If you have any question. welcome to consult.