Gold luxury high-end custom mall perfume kiosk

Gold luxury high-end custom mall perfume kiosk

projects Description

    With the improvement of living standards, the perfume has become a part of necessities for us.and it is very hot products among the ladies market. there are many different famous perfume brands.such as Chanel, Dior, and Gucci and so on.

    Do you know what is perfume? Perfume is a mixture of flavored alcoholic solution and a certain amount of has a fragrant and strong aroma, and its main role is to spray on the placket, handkerchief, and hairline, and so on .to emit a pleasant aroma, which is one of the important cosmetics.

    as perfume is one of the best sales luxury products in the must be a good way to make money to set up your own business if you rich money and perfume experience. ok, let ‘s see the below high-end custom mall perfume kiosk to you now…..

    From the 3D drawings of this custom mall perfume kiosk design, we can see .the whole design looks really very luxury and high-end quality. its whole size is 4*3 meter .normally for perfume kiosk which we use MDF with baking paint but based on that customer request .he asked our designer to make his kiosk to use more luxury material .as his main selling products are all very hot sales and famous brand perfume . in this way the display showcase can meet his products.for his kiosk all are mainly made of stainless steel. under the food of the kiosk which uses a layer stainless steel frame. on the top, there are product display areas with tempered glass on all sizes. how do you think of this custom mall perfume kiosk? do you like the same one? if not we also can custom new designs based on your size, color, material, and logo.

    If you want to set up your own business our designer team can custom a new one for you.

    —How to make an design of a custom mall perfume kiosk

    1: Tell me all your requirements 

     2: 3-5 working days to design when the design fee confirmed(300 USD)

    3: Send the design to customers, offer 3 times to modify or re-design  

    4: When the order confirmed, refund the design fee to customers   

    Your attention please: your design fee will be refunded after your order confirmation as a part of the balance.