High-end cellphone display kiosk in mall mobile phone cabinet with coded lock

High-end cellphone display kiosk in mall mobile phone cabinet with coded lock

projects Description

    Welcome to our website. What good products are you looking for today? Is about cellphone kiosk? Lol, today the product that i want to share is cellphone kiosk. In this high-tech era, Cell phones are indispensable tools in our life. We can use it to shopping, pay and browse all kinds of information. You can say that you only need a mobile phone when you go out. No matter wherei go, i just need to take a cellphone. It can navigate, whether it is shopping or a taxi to take the subway can use the mobile phone to pay, very convenient. So cellphone are very very popular products. And we can see many store or mall kiosks are selling cellphones. It is also important to have an attractive display kiosk. Pleas look at this high-end cellphone display kiosk. Very beautiful look and safe. It must can attractive a lot of people.

    3D Design Pictures

    This kiosk size is 5x3m. We can according to your size to design it. Different sizes and style have different prices. Changeful shape,black and white collocation appears high -end atmosphere. Bevel and aluminum slot plate display, so that the product display effect is better. Durable tempered glass, each glass display has a light strip. Lighting makes the product brighter. Light logo and box posters highlights the theme of the products. Visiblity is high and publicity is greater.

    The inside have some cabinets with coded lock, it can effectively keep your money and products safe. 2 work areas can help you doing the business of repair cellphones. The light belt at the bottom also gives a good visual experience. If you want to do a cellphone kiosk and have some valuables, you can also choose this coded lock. This type looks simple but it’s very complicated. This is a kiosk with high security. When you look at it for the first time, you will think it’s very professional, so you will naturally feel that the product is also good. High-end kiosk with a sense of design can reflect our professionalism.

    We are professional mall kiosks manufacturer. We have our designers, they can help you design a professional and attractive kiosk accoridng to your requirements. You also can the design to get approval. We have our factory, our production workers have many years of work experience, our products are the best technology and quality. This kiosk we made of MDF and baking paint. This finish way is very complicated, it have many process but its effect is very well. Let’s look at this kiosk’s production photos.

    When you received the goods and connect the power supply, it will look better. Our service aim is ti achieve customer satisfaction so far. We strictly control the quality, do export products are high quality products arrived. We have many long-term clients. Choose us, you can rest assured. Since you also want to customize the kiok, why not come to us?