High quality eyebrow threading kiosk creative manicure kiosk design

High quality eyebrow threading kiosk creative manicure kiosk design

projects Description

    Hello, today i would like to introduce a cute eyebrow threading/manicure kiosk. If you want to make kiosks for this kind of business, you can come in and have a look. This might give you some inspiration for your kiosk design.Generally speaking, beauty invoices multiple business. Such as eyebrow threading, manicure, eyelashes extension and so on. In this way, the kiosk also needs to design multiple areas. We all know no matter eyebrow threading or manicure, especially manicure, have many style. So the kiosk can also be used in a variety of styles. Lovely, fashionable, luxurious, warm colors and cool colors apply. Today i would like to share a more lovely kiosk.

    This kiosk has three main color. Sky blue,rose gold and white. The whole look is cute and warm. The four circular designs divide the four working areas.Sky blue and rose gold are staggered. Let the color not too uniform and monotonous. A glass shelf mounted on the side shows where nail polish or other products can be placed. Kiosk front is a sign board and put some letters or logo. You can choose a beautiful font. Under the sign is a TV, you can show what you want to show, it can shows more. To the right of entrance is the cashier and the price list. It’s convenient customer consultation and staff cashier.

    Kiosk inside have 4 working areas. Three are eyebrow threading or grafted eyelashes. One is manicure area. There is also a waiting area. It is very simple and convenient for employees to work. There are enough cabinets for the tools.

    We are customize company, so when we confirm the design and start production, we will put all the accessories in the kiosk. Usually the eyebrow threading kiosk is made of MDF and baking paint. Unless your mall has special requirements. If you need us to make the light logo or light box, you need to send the source file to us. Sent us your logo document and picture required for light box drawing. If you want to make your kiosk, you just need to tell us your size, requirements and sent us your logo or pictures. Then we will design and production. It’s very easy.

    Our work process is very simple. You need to pay 300USD for the 3D design. When the design is finished, we will sent it to you for confirmation. If there is any problem, we will also help to modify it until you are satisfied or approved by the mall. Once confirmed, you need to pay 50% deposit, then we start production. And before shipment pay 50% balance payment. Then you can wait for your kiosk.