Jewelry showcase furniture in luxurious jewelry store

Jewelry showcase furniture in luxurious jewelry store

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    Jewelry showcase furniture in the luxurious jewelry store

    A good jewelry store is inseparable from a good design and even more beautiful display furniture. We all know that the interior design of the jewelry store is very gorgeous, whether it is the display showcase or the matching of the lighting in the store. They are very harmonious. Only with the right furniture and proper lighting can you make your jewelry look more beautiful and attractive. As we all know, jewelry stores are mainly composed of display showcase, jewelry boxes, and ceiling lights. The color of the wall and the color of the jewelry box must be the same or match. Otherwise, the overall effect looks very bad. So we have to make a design for our jewelry store first, determine the right color before buying what we need. Let’s look at this jewelry store furniture and its color matches.

    The main color of this shop is dark blue. We can see that his floor, wall, and jewelry box are all the same color, which looks very comfortable. And the walls of the store are shaped to make it more attractive. There is a chair next to each display furniture so that the staff can introduce their jewelry to customers. So that customers will feel that the service here is high. Good service is also a big selling point, just like Haidilao in China. When we want to open a shop, we first design it. After the design is passed, we can decorate our shop and purchase the furniture we need according to the content of the design.

    Do you like this jewelry showcase furniture and inside decoration? We have our designer teams, if you need to design your shop, you can contact us. We can according to your shop floor plan and your requirements or your logo to design it first. When the design pass, we can produce the furniture. We have our factory, so you can track your goods all the time.

    Our working process:

    • Design. (300-500$ design fee, you can send me your floor plan and tell me your requirements. We will design your shop until you are satisfied. Design fee will be returned to you when we place an order)
    • Production. (When confirming the final design, we will give you the quotation. You need to pay 50% order deposit, then we will start production. Production time is about 28 working days.)
    • Delivery. ( When we finish all the goods, we will arrange the shipment. But before shipment, you need to pay 50% balance, when received the balance payment. We will deliver the goods. And the delivery depends on your nearest port. You can tell me your port.)

    If you have any questions, please contact me.

    Cathy Zhang


    Whatsapp/phone number: +86 13410683550