Flower kiosk | Luxury glass display flower shopping mall flower kiosk

Flower kiosk | Luxury glass display flower shopping mall flower kiosk

projects Description

    Flowers are a good ornament. There are two kinds of flowers. Real flowers and fake flowers. We can often see people selling flowers on the street. Some people want to use it to decoration their bedroom. In fact, the folwer industry is less popular than other industries. Such as food, jewelry or cellphone. But there are still many people who love flowers. Target customers are mainly married women. So, where else can i buy flowers besides store? The answer is mall kiosk. We know that the hottest thing in the mall right now is the kiosk. No matter what you sell, you can display them with a kiosk. If you want to sell them in mall, you need to make a flower kiosk. Today i want to introduce a flower kiosk for your reference.

    This kiosk you can according to your situation to put the flower. Both real and fake flowers can be used. People can look at them outside. The kiosk inside have some storage space. If you sell real flower, you may have some seeds. What do you think this kiosk? It is designed in the shape of a staircase. This greatly enhances its space. This is just for reference. If you have more better design ideas, you can tell us. We can discuss how to design a more attractive flower kiosk.

    We have our factory, so this kiosk we use MDF and glossy baking paint. Display is tempered glass. It looks simple, but the process is a little complicated. We need to bake the paint 3 times. So it looks smooth. For kiosk, we produce it in several parts. It is convenient for us to work and also for transportation. But you don’t need to worry its install. Because it’s very easy. You just need to put them together.Then connect the power supply. It will work.

    To get the kiosk also very easy, when we signed agreement with the mall, they will ask you to do the kiosk design and details drawing for their approval. So you need to find a professional company, tell them your requirements and the size you get from the mall. Then they will make the design for you. But design need cost,for a kiosk is about 300usd. When place an order, it will deduct from your balance payment. We do the design and detail drawing, when get the approved, we can production the kiosk. Production time is about 25 days, we can ship to your country. If you have any questions, you can contact us. Looking forward to your reply.