Luxury nail polish & perfume display kiosk customize cosmetic cabinet

Luxury nail polish & perfume display kiosk customize cosmetic cabinet

projects Description

    Do you like to go to shopping? Cosmetics are indispensable for every girl nowadays. We can see many luxury products in the shoppe of store. Of course display perfume cosmetics cabinet also should high-end. There have many choices, if you have your ideas, we can customize the kiosk to display the products. We can according to your business to make the display cabinet. We have anm example of a cosmetics showcase, let’s take a look.

    This is a kiosk made up of two large high cabinets. The outside of the cabinet is some display pictures. You can show your products. So people will know that you are selling. The inside is some display shelf. You can divide the area according to the type of product you have. Such as this is nail polish area, this is perfume area etc. You can put your logo around the cabinet. Now many products have their own brands and gradually become known. A good picture or a famous logo can increase your visitors.

    Actually, this display cabinet have many shape and decoration. Such as add the bottom light, or change its shape as a makeup styling. The above kiosk is simple but popular. It can show a lot of things. It also has a lot of storage space. When we have a lot of stock, we can put them in the cabinets.

    This kiosk is made of MDF and white baking paint, accessories have led light, light logo and light box posters. Generally speaking, logo and light box painting are the standard configuration for the kiosk. The price of customized products is unknown until the final design. Its price is based on the size, material and style. Our production time is about 28 days when we confirm the technical drawing. We are export company, we can ship to any countries.Delivery time is about one month. If there are special circumstances, you can inform.

    Design is the beginning. If you want to cutomize the kiosk, you need to pay 300USD make the deisgn first. When we finish the design, we will sent to you confirm. If you want to modify, we can modify it until you are satisfied. If no problem, you need to pay 50% deposit to start this project. And 50% balance payment before shipment. 300USD design fee will deduct from your balance payment. If you have any questions or want to learn more, please contact us.