Most popular green food custom mall pizza kiosk crepe kiosk design

Most popular green food custom mall pizza kiosk crepe kiosk design

projects Description

    Do you like eating pizza ? as we know pizza, is a food that originated in Italy and is very popular around the world.Pizza is usually made with fermented round pastries covered with ketchup,cheese and other ingredients,and baked in an oven.

    And “Pizza” is a kind of Italian-style food made of special sauces and fillings. But in fact, this food has transcended language and cultural barriers and has become a universal snack. It is loved by consumers in various countries.

    Since the pizza is so popular in the world. if you want to set up your own business for food. we advice pizza will be the best and safe choice. ok , let ‘s share one of our newest mall pizza kiosk design for you now.

    3D drawings as below :

    Let’s see this design size a little big ,right ? its size is 6*3 meter. which our designer made this size to divide into two parts. one part for working area and products display , and other side for dining area. it is mainly color is green . it is made of plywood inside and gree and gree laminate outside. the surface our factory normally use man made stone on the counter top .so that it will more easy to cleanout.besides about our mall pizza kiosk design .our company have own designer team .if you want to open your shop,you can tell me your shop size ,color, material,and design request. and then our designer team can custom new one based on your request.normally one set kiosk including all wood cabinet as the drawings, 3D logo,water sink, wires and sockets,tempered glass, all locks and led menu box. notice : as our factory make wood furniture so normally our price do not including the food machines. you can buy by yourself or if you need our help we can help you to buy from China ,it will be much cheaper than your local . but the most important before design you need tell us what machines you will need for your food . and what size for each so that our designer can leave space based on your size for each are some tips to tell you.if you have any ideas and problems you can feel free to contact our sales.

    —How to make an design of this mall pizza kiosk design ?

    1: Tell me all your requirements 

     2: 3-5 working days to design when design fee confirmed(300 USD)

    3: Send the design to customers, offer 3 times to modify or re-design 

    4: When the order confirmed, refund the design fee to customers   

    Your attention please:your design fee will be refunded after your order confirmation as a part of balance.