Mall Perfume Kiosk | design shopping mall custom perfume kiosk for sale

Mall Perfume Kiosk | design shopping mall custom perfume kiosk for sale

projects Description

    Do you often use perfume? it will not only make you smell good but also make you more confident with yourself.

    What is perfume, which is the alcohol solution of the essence, add right amount to decide the mixture that perfume forms again. Many people use perfume every day. Start a perfume retail kiosk in will be a smart business idea.

    Has the fragrant full-bodied aroma, the main function in sprays in the skirt, the handkerchief and the hairline and so on.

    Sends out a pleasant fragrance, if one of the important cosmetics. Here offer a unique antique European style cosmetic display kiosk for perfume. If you are looking for custom perfume kiosk design, here concept will be perfect for you.

    How much to set up a custom perfume kiosk ? Where to buy a cheap perfume retail kiosk? Check our site you will get all your problems solved here easily.

    Basic information of custom perfume kiosk design :

    • size: 15*10 ft
    • main material: MDF with high gloss baking paint, tempered glass
    • color: white and black, or custom
    • a set kiosk which included: 3D logo, led box, lights, wires, sockets
    • factory price range USD 7800

    How to order with us if you want to open a custom perfume shop in shipping mall : 

    • 1.tell us which design you like, your size and requirements.
    • 300 USD design deposit for 3d design. this 300 USD we will reduce from your order deposit. it means we make a design for you for free.
    • 3.discuss and modify design with a designer .
    • 4.finalize design and quote kiosk price.
    • 50% deposit, factory start production.
    • 6.take production images from time to time to clients.
    • 50% balance before shipment.
    • 8.arrange shipment for buyer.
    • us if need after-sale service.