Outdoor coffee cart supplier stainless steel commercial street cart for sale

Outdoor coffee cart supplier stainless steel commercial street cart for sale

projects Description

    I am sure you are all very familiar with outdoor commercial carts. We offen see them in busy street markets. It have many kinds. Food carts, flowers carts or some toy carts. But most common is food cart. You can sell many food or drinks. Juice or coffee. And its price is very low. Most people can afford it. Today i want to introduce a outdoor stainless steel coffee cart.

    3D Design pictures

    This coffee cart size is 1.6×0.8×2.5m. Made of stainless steel, it with wheels and top. The top cabinets can storage things.The wheels has a braking function. The cart body also with cabinets, you can put a small freezer in there and put some coffee cup or some coffee ingredients. Such as milk or sugar. Bescause this cart is sell coffee, so it needs a place to put the coffee cup. We installed the cup divider. This cup divider is very easy to put in and take out the cups. The cart table you can put some machines, such as coffee machine or thermos. It also sell bread, so we design a glass to put the bread, avoid contamination. The roof with light, it can lightling at night. The handle makes it easier for us to push the cart.

    This coffee cart have machine, so we design the socket in the left side pillar. The coffee machine is put on the table directly, so the socket is near the machine. Cart body you can put some coffee pictures or bread picture,it can show your business and people will know what are you doing. This cart is shipped to Saudi Arabia, so the socket and wires we use the UK standard. This cart is designed and made exactly according to the customer’s idea. He provide the size, style, tell me his requirements, so when he received the goods, he must like it. Because every aspect is what he wants.

    The cart body pictures are provide by our customer. We design the reference picture, but when we production it, customer need to sent me the high definition pictures. So we can make it as a sticker picture then paste in the cart. If you have logo, you can also sent me. The price is based on the size ,material and style. This one made of stainless steel and size is 1.6×0.8×2.5m so the price is 2400USD. The exact price is based on the final deisgn.

    We are customize company, all of our products are designed and customized according to your requirements. So if you also want to make a cart, you can tell us your requirements and size. So we can design it. Please contact us and tell me all your ideas.