Shopping mall wood grain food display kiosk ice cream/cake showcase

Shopping mall wood grain food display kiosk ice cream/cake showcase

projects Description

    Hi everyone, we meet again. Are you still looking for your favorite food kiosk? Stop your steps and maybe this is the one you like. We all know, the opening of business must sell more than one thing. Because onlu more variety can attract more customers. In fact, the kiosks is universal because they are all similar in structure.Different machines make different kiosks. If you have a ice cream display frezzer, you have to give it space in the front. If your kiosk size is small, it will take up a lot of space. Then you have very little space in other places. So i suggest if you want to put some ice cream or cake display frezzer, your kiosk length cannot be less than 2m. Today the kiosk i want to introduce is 5x2m. This size is enough us to put some machines. Let’s look at its pictures.


    According to the design drawing of this kiosk, we can know that its main products are ice cream and cake. The billboard on the front shows that it sells cake. And the cake display frezzer, people can see the cake very clearly. Beside the cash register reception desk is willing to facilitate customer consultation and cashier. The back side is a tall sign. We also can put some our promotional map and logo. From the outside, it can be propaganda. From the inside, it can act as a baffle. We can work inside and don’t worry the machines falling down. We can also install sockets in the back wall or the inside cabinets.

    Wood grain can be displayed according to personal preference. Wood grain dsign is closer to life. The countertop is made-man stone. It looks a bit like a kitchen. In addition to the table can be small machines, but also install the sink. We all know that you cannot cook without water. So when we design the food kiosk, we always design the sink. If there is no water in the mall, we will also install pumps.

    Do you have any idea when you see this kiosk? If you also want to make a kiosk, it is very easy. You can contact us and tell us the kiosk size you get from the mall. If you have some display frezzer like the picture i sent, you can tell me their size. So we can according to their size to design their model. Give them space. We can according to your size and your requirements to design your kiosk.

    Before design, you need to pay 300USD design fee. After the design is completed, we will send it to you for confirmation. If there is no problem, we will proceed to the next step. If it needs to be modified, we will modify it until you are satisfied. However, we cannot proceed to the next step until we receive the design fee. The beginning is design, then it’s construction drawing. When both of them are confirmed, we will start the production. We have our own factory, so you can keep the track of your goods. Our production is transparent and has strict quality control. So you needn’t worry about the quality of the goods.

    Price should be everyone’s top concern. Our price is based on the kiosk’s size, material and style. Only by making the final design can we give the exact price. If you still want to know the price,you can send us your size and you favorite style. And the final design is not much different from the picture you sent us, the price is the one we gave you at the begnning. If you have any questions, please contact us.