popsicle kiosk | The hottest ice-lolly display kiosk ice popsicle showcase

popsicle kiosk | The hottest ice-lolly display kiosk ice popsicle showcase

projects Description

    I am sure you are all familiar with popsicles. In summer. Many people like to buy a popsicle to quench their thirst. We can see many street store are selling popsicle. There are many flavors. Such as cholocate popsicle, red bean popsicle or milk popsicle etc. Its flavor is endless. And there is always somthing you like. So where else can we buy it besides the street store? Or where is the best place to sell it? My answer is shopping mall. We can see many kiosks in the mall. It has many kinds. Such as jewelry kiosks, cellphone kiosks, eyebrow threading kiosks, food kiosks and of course popsicle kiosks. Because popsicle not need hand made, so it just need freezer to keep them cold. But in the mall we cannot just put a freezer in there. We need to make something to cover the freezer body. So we can do it like kiosk. This kiosk have some freezer display space, sink and cash counter. You also can put some publicity pictures and you logo. Popsicle also have brand. If you do it better. Ok, today i want to share a popsicle kiosk reference.


    Because it just have freezer display, so we can just design a coaming. The coaming can put some popsicle shape, light box poster and logo. It is looks good from the outside and and show your products. Its size depend on your freezer quanlity, if you just have 2 freezers, we can design a small kiosk. If you have more than 3 freezers, we can deisgn it like the above kiosk i sent. Its size about 4x2m. Outside decoration and color you can decide for yourself. We can help you to design it.

    This kiosk is made of plywood and laminate. This is a fireproof material and with high quality. If you got the place in mall, you can tell me the size, we will design it to you for mall approval. 3D design and detail drawing we all can provide to you. But you need to pay 300usd to start this design, when we place an order, it will deduct from your balance payment. If you find the design company, it will charge more, but in here, design is free. We will modify the design until it get approved.

    Production and Price

    After the approval, you can leave everything to us. We will produce for you and update the latest news of the kiosk in time. We will provide outlets for your freezers. Electrical outlets are standard in your country. A production time of a kiosk depends on its size and type. This popsicle kiosk is simple, production time is about 18 days. If you don’t have freight forwarding in China, we can arrange the transportation for you. Our kiosk price ia based on the size, material and style. We are customize company, all of our products are designed and customized according to our customer’s requirements. So we don’t have fixed catalogue and price.

    If you have any questions, please contact us. Hope we can establish a copperative relationship.