Unique style S shape UK cell phone accessories mall kiosk

Unique style S shape UK cell phone accessories mall kiosk

projects Description

    There are many customer asked me when they send inquiries to us. did you company can help my cell phone accessories mall kiosk design ? and the most important can make unique shape . it is not Square or rectangle .I want to very special design , how about S shape ? yes of course our factory have our own designer team ,which we not only help you the shop design and furniture production and shipping. ok, let’s me share one of our UK customers S shape cell phone accessories mall kiosk for your reference.

    Regarding this design the whole size is 3.5*2.5 meter.its main material is MDF with high gloss grey and black baking paint.as we can see it is very unque design S shape , it will very attravtive and outstanding when display in the mall ,it will help you attract more customers to come our booth .so normally for display furniture its design is very important.

    Nornally for cell phone, jewelry ,sungalsses,salon shop dispaly furniture and mall kiosk , we will choose the MDF as its first choice.why we choose it. let ‘s see below details of MDF

    MDF is a type of MDF, including long-fiber boards and short-fiber boards. An artificial board made of wood fiber or other vegetable fiber, which is crushed, separated, dried, and then urea-formaldehyde resin or other suitable adhesive is applied, and then hot pressed.

    1. MDF is very simple in the finishing process. Most of the paints and paints can be evenly applied on the MDF. The effect is very good. It is the preferred plate for those who want to chase the paint effect.
    2. MDF is a very beautiful decorative plate, and all kinds of veneer, adhesive film, veneer, light metal sheet lamp material can be glued to the MDF board, so that the surface can be seen more exquisite, so it is very popular among everyone in home decoration.
    3. The material of MDF is relatively uniform, there will be no dehydration, and the nail holding power is quite good.
    4. MDF has smooth and flat appearance, fine material, stable performance, simple shape, no decay, insects, etc. outstanding.