Shoe Kiosk | Unique wooden attractive custom mall shoes kiosk design

Shoe Kiosk | Unique wooden attractive custom mall shoes kiosk design

projects Description

    Today one of a USA customers send a inquiry to me about this shoes kiosk design. as he told his main business is men leisure shoes and selling mainly on the website. and now he want to set up display centers in is his first time to do this project. at this stage he need to find some unique designs and know its cost with some suppliers .so that he will considerate how to start his project later.

    After he reviewed our website for a while. he told he like this mall shoes kiosk design very much. and hope we can tell more information about this design .ok , let me give introduction of this kiosk details to you now.

    3D drawing of mall shoes kiosk design :

    As we can see this design is a arcuate shape , it is very unique design right.and this shoes kiosk design .we have designed and produced for a UK customers.there are two different size was done size is 12by 10ft ,and the other is 16*10ft.actually we also can custom new one based on your shop we can see this design . there are two display on each size.this design really very functional . in the bottom of the kiosk we designed cabinet for storage and on the top it can be sitted when customer to try the shoes.the most attractive that it has 3 layers shelves . we can use it to dispaly your that the customers can see your products in fay away when display in the shipping mall.

    Above one is the real production image of this shoes kiosk design. as we can see there are two colors .white with brown ,after installation in our factory and trun on its rights ,it really looks very must be attracted by it .its main material is MDF with high gloss white and brown baking paint .do you like the same one if you want to open shoes shop ???

    Do you like this unique shoes kiosk design ? any ideas and questions pls feel free to contact us .thanks