Wooden custom mall maternal and infant shop furniture

Wooden custom mall maternal and infant shop furniture

projects Description

    As we know the baby products industry is a sunrise industry, and the market prospects are limitless.After the improvement of living standards,parents’ consumption awareness of children’s eating,drinking,and playing has also improved siginificantly.

    On the other hand,with the improvement of education. people’s thinking and life concepts are changing.one of the obvious points is that people are paying more and more attention to the training and education of children.

    Coupled with the one-child phenomenon caused by the family planning national policy. more and more parents have fundamentally changed their attitudes toward children’s products.from the past , it is more practical and better than nothing,and nowadays,safety is the priority.Especially in the context of worrying domestic projuct quality.the trend toward high end children’s products is more obvious-high end is more representative of quality.

    That’s why more and more businessmen are seted up his own mall matermal and infant shop .let ‘s see our latest custom mall maternal and infant shop furniture for you as below :

    Let’s see this mall maternal and infant shop furniture design is very simple , do not have much display furniture. in the back of the wall there is mainly wall cabinet . on the left side is mainly display babies care wash produts and on the right side there are mainly for baby carriages. in the middle of the shop there are some smaller display rack and a small shop cash counter.actually if you have any other ideas , our designer can custom more furniture based on your shop size, ideas.color and logo to make design for you.

    Shenzhen Unique is a mall kiosk and shop furniture leading factory. which our factory specialized in jewelry ,watch, glasses, cosmetic,clothing and shoes, mobile phone , salon and food mall kiosk and store furniture . we have own designer team we can help you shop design freely ,furniture production and installation and shipping . if you have any ideas and request pls feel free to contact us.

    How to customized your mall maternal and infant shop furniture ?

    • contact us , tell us your requirements ( kiosk size , layout , color ,logo etc)
    • pay $300 for 3d design . our designer start design for u .the design time around 3-5 working day
    • discuss and modify design to meet mall request .
    • finalize design and quote price.
    • agree with price and pay 50% deposit before production .
    • pay balance before shipment .
    • contact us if need after-sale service.