Wooden custom USA mall coffee koisk design

Wooden custom USA mall coffee koisk design

projects Description

    Hello my dear customers, today I would like to share a mall coffee kiosk design to you , it is just been shipped out last month to USA mall . for coffee I believe you like coffee very much right ? ok let me share some information about coffee to you now .

    as we know coffee is a beverage made from roasted coffee beans. it is the main drink popular in the world with cocoa and tea.what are the benefits of coffee for the human body? and what are the effect today give a brief intruction to everyone!

    1. Coffee is good for the skin. Coffee can promote metabolic function, activate the digestive organs, and have great effects on constipation. Bathing with coffee powder is a kind of warming therapy that has the effect of losing weight.

    2. Coffee can eliminate fatigue. To eliminate fatigue, you must supplement nutrition, rest and sleep, and promote metabolic functions, while coffee has these functions.

    3. Coffee has the effect of diuretic dehumidification. Caffeine can promote kidney function, excrete more sodium ions in the body, increase urine output, improve bloating and edema, and help reduce weight loss.

    4 . Coffee can be an appetizing staple. Caffeine stimulates the sympathetic nerves, stimulates the gastrointestinal secretion of gastric acid, promotes phlegm, prevents bloating, and sagging the stomach, and promotes gastrointestinal hormones and motility hormones to make quick communication.

    Since the coffee have many functions , that’s why more and more people like to drink it .at the same time more and more businessmen doing coffee shop business also.

    Ok, let’s see the 3D drawings of this mall coffee kiosk design now :

    As we can see this design is very simple.the whole size is 10*8 ft . it is not so big in the shopping mall . our designer use the coffee color brown with black , it looks very presentable and typical.the main material is plywood with laminate. that is the main material for food kiosk. if you want to the same theme,just tell me your shop size and logo our designer team can custom new design for you .

    If you have any ideas and problems about our kiosks , pls feel free to contact our sales . as our factory are mainly specialized in different mall kiosk and display shop furniture like jewelry , watch ,glasses, clothes ,shoes and handbags,mobile phone , salon and food .we can help you slove all your problems when you set up your new shop. like shop design, furniture production, shipping and any other suggestion for opening a shop. welcome to inquiry us.