Recommend several practical mall jewelry kiosk

Recommend several practical mall jewelry kiosk

Jewelry is a favorite accessory for many women.It can enhance people’s temperament and make them look noble and elegant. We can see it on many formal occasions. Such as an upper class dance,wedding site etc. Jewelry is the symbol of nobility. Jewelry is one of the most beautiful and valuable rocks. They are bright, shiny, hard and durable. It can be used as an ornament for many things. Necklace, ring and crown etc. Although it is very valuable, many people buy it. So jewelry is very popular, more and more people start to sell jewelry. Jewelry shops can be seen almost everywhere. Not just jewelry shops, now there are many jewelry kiosks in the mall. It’s like shopping mall is a big shop, and the jewelry kiosk is display cabinet. Regardless of the form in which the jewelry is displayed, their function is the same. Jewelry store i am sure you’re all familiar with, so today i want to focus on the jewelry kiosks. There are many forms of jewelry kiosks, i will first introduce three.

First: Single-layer display kiosk

We can see the picture, this kiosk just have single-layer display area. It’s a cabinet with a layer of display glass. Outside cabinet can put the logo or some advertising pictures. The glass in the middle is relatively small, so can put some necklaces or some rings. High cabinet in the four corners can hold some unique or popular style. The cabinet can hold some stock. Singer layer display storage space is more. If you don’t have much jewelry on display and you need more storage space, you can choose this style.

Second: Double-deck display cabinet

This type has double glazing in the middle. It can show a lot more. The more areas you show, the more exposure you get. The lower layer the hypotenuse setting, favoring the guest side. So the jewelry has a more comprehensive display. Guests can also see it more clearly.The four sides of the protruding glass display, make the jewelry kiosk look better. If your kiosk is big enough and has enough space inside,you can put a cabinet in it. It can be used as a cash register or a safe, it’s safer than putting it on the edge.

Third: Three floor layer display kiosk

This type is 3 floor layer display kiosk. The whole kiosk was almost glass. But it looks more luxurious senior. The bottom layer is the model, you can better see the effect of jewelry necklace. The first 2 are basically bracelets and rings. The design of curved glass increases the difficulty of making it. But it’s the design that makes the jewelry kiosk look more appealing. Its middle design is similar to the second one. Put the cabinet for safe deposit boxes with valuables. You can also put some decorations, such as flowers or other things you like.But this one not much storage, if you don’t have much stock, you can choose this one. The above three types can used as your jewelry kiosk reference. Whatever you like, we can all help you design. The kiosk’s shape, size or color,we can do it according to you request. So if you want to make a jewelry kiosk, please come to us.

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