Retail Merchandising Unit & LCD

Retail Merchandising Unit & LCD

Retail Merchandising Unit & LCD

These Mall carts, or RMUsretail merchandising units, or retail carts are designed for all markets and high security requirements. This is the first “retail mall cart” with a glass display window. The window allows for product display without the fear for snatch and grab thieves. The glass display window is located on the opposite side of the POS, (point of sale), where the retail (RMU), vendor may often become distracted with a sale.

Cart-King’s RMUs design and retail cart manufacturing are perfect for any mall or airport. Our RMUs can come in any size, design or color scheme. This “RMU unit” has a multimedia LCD display, built in security cameras and a mini LCD camera display. The digital cameras and on-board digital security system provides for extra security. The security system on the RMUs or retail carts may provide proof of theft from customers or employees. Video playback is easy and images are displayed on the supplied LCD.

In some cases the security cameras and digital video recorder can be linked up over the internet so you can watch your rmus or retail carts from anywhere in the world. Laminates and counter tops are your choice of colors. This retail cart unit is ready for your particular design requirements as well so please contact us for details. The canopy of these RMUs is stained wood, this canopy can also be made from aluminum, steel or any other material you see fit. The retail cart has many deep locking storage drawers to keep your products safe.

Mall carts are excellent  retail display units! This display unit comes with a cash desk area, locking storage, aluminum framed canopy and a dynamic shelving system. The features on this display unit are hallmarks of this fresh new retail display cart concept. This retail cart breaks down for easy storage. Our retail display unit products like above are designed and manufactured to enhance your product line.

The hand crafted surface can be stained or laminated with any color… Our retail display unit, or RMUs, are very well designed and manufactured. Use your Jewelry or watch line in a smart and low cost cart or kiosk cost point. Sell your jewelry in the middle of a mall rather than getting into the “inline” store concept which does not pay back as quickly as carts and kiosks do in the center of malls.

We can make many different retail display unit styles of versions of a Retail Jewelry Cart for you, ay colors, creations or concepts. This retail display unit was placed in amongst other carts in the same location. Reports were it had the strongest sales out of all the cart and kiosk vendors. This unit can be made with any enhancements you like. Our carts and kiosks certainly stand out in a crowd!


Date: 8, Mar. 2014

Name: Lucia Yang

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