Self introduction of a coffee kiosk

Self introduction of a coffee kiosk

Hello, everyone,my name is coffee kiosk, i am from shenzhen unique furniture ltd. I am not only beautiful but also have many uses. I didn’t come out of nowhere. My appearance is not simple, because there are layers of processes to create the perfect me. Now let me tell you how i came to be. Let me show you my 3D picture first.

My final owner want to make a coffee kiosk. He had this idea, so he found my maker, that is unique furniture ltd. They discuss my size, my color, my shape and my style. Then they asked designer to make a design according to my final owner’s ideas. After a lot of review and modification, my appearance is determined. Then my maker draw all my details and dimensions on a sheet of paper. I know they wanted to make my entity, not just a picture of 3D. I am very happy, when my entity is finished, i can help my final owner. Technical drawing is done, through the maker’s careful work, i was born. I look better than 3D pictures.

All work has been done, but i have to go to the master to realize the value. So i left my maker. After a few days at sea, after all the security checks. Finally i came to my master’s side. He looks very happy. Because i was better than he expected. He put me in the mall center , i can see many people everyday. My body can put many machines to help my master start his business. My work counter is made of man-made stone, very easy to clean. The wall can put some light box posters and light logo to show my master’s business. I have to let them know who i am and what we do. I also have my own sink, which can clean a lot of things. I have outlet power, it allows a lot of equipment to work. In this way, i am no worse than a physical store. It’s even better than them. Because i am cheap, and the quality is very good.

I am very grateful to my makers. I know they are very careful,in order to make me more better, they are very strict with my quality, so i am so energetic now. When someone asks my master where i come from, i know there will be many kiosks like mine. They also can help their master to start the business, they all can realize their value. At the factory, i saw many kiosks like mine which were carefully tended. They go all over the world. New kiosks are born every day. Even so, there has been no ignore in our workmanship or quality. I’ve seen a sickly kiosk remodeled, then have taken on an entity new look. At that time, i know i don’t need to worry about my body and my master don’t like me. Because i have confidence in myself.

Thank you for your listening.

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