Top 7 Typical sweet corn kiosk & mobile corn carts

Top 7 Typical sweet corn kiosk & mobile corn carts

Do you like corn? I guess you must have eaten corn. It’s a common coarse grain. Not only delicious, but not expensive. So it’s popular with most people.It has a lot of ways to eat. In families, it’s often used to make soup. On the street, it is often used as a snack. Such as grilled corn, after baked, add several sauces, such as salad dressing or ketchup. In general, it is just roasted and boiled. It’s very simple and the cost is also low, so many people choose to sell corn. There are several corn kiosks that can help you if you want to sell corn.

First one

This one has been well reviewed by our customers. It’s very small, for those with a low budget. It is a mall kiosk, just can use indoor. It has a steamer for boiling corn. Next to the steamer there are paper cups for corn. The front of the steamer is tempered glass to avoid customers direct contact with the steamer. Other side is a sink, it can wash corn and hand. Back wall have an advertising bar on the back wall. It can put the menu or advertising picture. The kiosk body can also put the corn pictures or logo. The counter also can put some sauce. Let’s look at the feedback photo.

Second one.

This one is bigger than first one. The function is almost the same, but there are some differences in appearance. This one looks more professional for corn business. The four corners are shaped like corn. The color is similar to corn, it looks like a big corn. Back wall use a gummed picture of a cornfield. It feels like you’re stand in the cornfield. The counter also have steamers and sink. At the back is g guest rest area with four seats. The tower show your logo or menu. The kiosk body have many corn sticker. Corn small people make the kiosk look more attractive. If you have a refrigerator, you can out it under the counter and sell some drink. Let’s look at the production photo.

If you don’t need this mall kiosk, you just want to sell your corn on the street. You can choose corn cart. Small one, very easy to move around and very cheap. Let’s look at these three types.

Type One

This cart is all in the shape of corn. It have 2 steamer. It has a lamp on top, which can be illuminated at night. It also with wheels, convenient mobile. The cart has internal sockets, available for machine operation. Outside is tempered glass protective cover. Keep food from falling.

Type Two

This one is almost the same function as first one. Just different shape. This one also have 2 steamer and wheels. The top leaf can removable. It also have LED light on the top.

Type Three

This looks like a normal food cart. There’s no corn shape, but the cart has corn and stickers, so you also can see what it’s for. The top can put publicity photo and logo. The front glass can display the food. The side cabinet store things.

Just introduce these styles for the time being. If you have better ideas, you can contact us. We will design and production more corn kiosks/carts to help you present your business.

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