Share your clothing display cabinet maintenance tips

Share your clothing display cabinet maintenance tips

Clothing display cabinet is used to display the service container , it is primarily a public place container , so that customers desire to buy occur , and to facilitate their purchase, exudes goods , so clean clothing display cabinet will directly affect commodity sales and corporate brand image. Clothing Showcase modification of the clothing is also very good , so as to enhance the clothing temperament, so clothing becomes more beautiful, more mood ; That is, the emergence of this showcase , enhance the competitiveness of a clothing store . We will share with you about what clothing display cabinet cleaning methods.

A toothpaste clean method: display cabinets white paint surface , the day will be a long yellowed , not only look old , but also very refreshing feeling . You can with a rag dipped in toothpaste or tooth powder gently deposited on top, use toothpaste bleaching effect , display cabinets paint colors can turn from yellow to white . However, the friction force when wiping avoid because of friction agent in toothpaste, tooth powder paint will wear off , will damage the display surface of the cabinet.

Clean Milk Act 2 : If not drink expired milk , do not throw away , you can use it to showcase maintenance . With a clean cloth dipped in milk into it, and then use this cloth to wipe the table , such as wooden display cabinets , works well to remove dirt . Finally, remember to rinse clean again , otherwise there will be residual milk and milk smell. This method is applicable to a variety of leather , lacquer, marble, Baoli panels display cabinets .

3 white vinegar cleaning method: using white vinegar and water mixed in a 1:1 ratio to gently wipe the display cabinet surface stains , stains difficult to remove if you can make a little vinegar and water stains stay on the surface , then use rub with a soft cloth . Because acetic acid can soften the dirt to make it from the display cabinet surface. This method is suitable for the maintenance of mahogany display cabinets , display cabinets and other clean after being ink traces of pollution .

4 tea clean method: painted Showcase contaminated dust , wrapped in gauze wipe slightly damp tea leaves , or with a dry cloth dipped in cold tea scrub , will enable commercial furniture, especially clean and bright. But after wiping display cabinets with tea , remember to use dipped slightly damp cloth to clean water and then wipe clean tea .Because the tea usually have tea stains left in the paint surface will affect the showcase original color .

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