Shenzhen showcase design elements

Shenzhen showcase design elements

                             Shenzhen showcase design elements

  Shenzhen Showcase accessories is placed precious commodities, to feature the display of goods and storage of goods. Widely used in public and department stores, advertising, etc., crafts, gifts, jewelry, cell phones, tobacco, cosmetics and other industries are widely used.


  Shenzhen Showcase accessories mainly composed of aluminum alloy frame , HPL , exquisite lamps, glass and a variety of connectors and other materials. Currently titanium aluminum profile frame surface after electrochemical treatment process , uniform color, bright luxurious and tamper-resistant , corrosion-resistant , but also has good impact resistance and flexibility. Titanium aluminum profiles with gold , silver and white color and black three kinds of color in supporting fire board has hundreds kinds of colors can be customized according to customer requirements.

  Shenzhen display cabinets designed by professional designers , not only looks beautiful, luxurious , simple , elegant, delicate , with good permeability , but also with sophisticated lighting and LOGO signs supporting creative , dynamic and static, make the product reach the perfect showcase ; showcase are produced in accordance with strict procedures and scientific process design is made , not only the quality of light , bearing strong , solid structure, and durable ; erected in order to show the structure of a variety of functions , the overall structure of the entire showcase using removable parts, a screwdriver can complete showcase of disassembly to facilitate customer disassembly , transport, carry , but also facilitate reuse , has a strong substitutability , greatly improving the utilization of the product , products must meet the modern demands of energy conservation ; Showcase All materials were transported to the processing plant site assembly , no decoration garbage , no renovation noise, no decoration pollution , environmental health .

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