Shopping mall attractive bubble tea kiosk

Shopping mall attractive bubble tea kiosk

Do you like mall kiosk? I know you also want to make a kiosk when you read this article. If you are not interested in it, you cannot come to our website and click in. I guess you want to rent a space in the mall or you are already have a space and you want to make a kiosk. So you looking for the kiosks supplier now. You can see this article, maybe you also want to make a bubble tea kiosk, but anyway, all food kiosk function is almost the same. They all use to show your products and assist you in your work. Since you all come in, you can leave after you’ve read it.

This kiosk is according to our customer’s requirements to design it. And after our customer’s confirmation, the design passed. Now let’s look at the design first.

This design is simple. Front wall is a light logo and a small light box poster. It’s not too boring. And there is a tower in the corner. You can put a TV or can still put an advertising pictures. The table top have some small topping, if you sell ice cream, you can put some different favor ice cream. You also can put some seasoning. The kiosk counter can put many machines, such as cashier machines, coffee, juice machine or others.

For a food or drinks kiosk, sink is essential. Because there’s a lot to clean. The food, fruit or some containers.The counter below can store a lot of things. The kiosk is surrounded by glass. One is security, the other is privacy protection.

This kiosk size is 15x10ft, made of plywood and laminate. This is a common material for the mall food kiosk. Decoration is acrylic light logo and light box posters. Counter top we use man-made stone, it’s easy to clean and very durable. Glass is tempered glass and stainless steel toe kick. Let’s look at the production photos.

We can see the table have some sockets. If you want to make a kiosk, you can tell me your country, then we will according to your country’s standard to install the socket. The whole kiosk is wired up, so when you received the kiosk, you can just connect the power supply. Then it can work. If your mall don’t have source of water, don’t worry. We can provide water system. We can install the water pump, and put 2 buckets for clean and dirty water. A picture will make it clearer.

Do you have any question about this kiosk? We can take care of any concerns you have. We are very professional about mall kiosk’s design and manufacture. So you can trust us to design the kiosk you want. If you have no idea what you want, please contact us. We will sent some kiosks related to your business as a reference. If you have your favorite style, we can design a similar. We can also help you purchase the machines you need then transport them with the kiosk. Anyway, if you have any questions, please feel free to come to us, we can give you the most comfortable, the most satisfactory A to Z service.

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