Showcase production of paint and spray paint

Showcase production of paint and spray paint

   Showcase production of paint and spray paint



   As we all know , paint display cabinet design is on the grade, is one of many shopping malls and brand manufacturers have a choice , as the end customer , we need to know some basic knowledge of paint showcase productions , in order to solve some of the problems encountered in the buying process . We all know that paint display cabinets and good lighting effects, but we can not distinguish between good showcase is purely paint or paint , the following article came to talk about it.
    When painting, external air filter after the primary filter by the fan to the roof , and then the top of the filter after filtration and purification to enter the second room . All- drop type room air at a rate of 0.2-0.3m / s flow downward so that the air does not stay in the mist particles after painting , and direct the air is discharged through the bottom of the outer housing. Such continuous cycle conversion, so that when the painting room air cleanliness more than 98 %, and into the air with a certain pressure , the car can be formed around a constant air flow to remove excess paint , to ensure maximum quality paint .
    When baking , the throttle position raised paint , hot air circulation , baking room temperature quickly rises to a predetermined drying temperature (55 ℃ -60 ℃). After the fans will be the beginning of filtered fresh air outside , the heat exchange chamber to the top of the paint room and thermal converters happen again after the second filtration and purification , hot air circulating through the throttle action , in addition to a small amount of fresh air sucked into outer , most of the hot air and heating continued use of such paint the room temperature gradually increased . When the temperature reaches the set temperature , the burner is automatically stopped ; when the temperature drops to the set temperature, the fan and the burner and open automatically so that the temperature remains relatively constant paint room . Finally, when the baking time to reach the set time , paint room automatic shutdown, end paint . As a paint Showcase buyers, the above is the need to understand , but to distinguish good , still need to learn more knowledge.


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