Showcase to be perfect

Showcase to be perfect

Today let^s talk about make cosmetic showcase perfect. our key word is cosmetic showcase


1 The first is the cosmetic showcase design style , the overall effect must , showcase and interior decoration must be consistent , showcase specialized manufacturers looking to buy , to ensure that showcase the life , increase the value of goods, increase market competitiveness .

2 Glass : There are cosmetic showcase clear glass , tempered clear glass , white glass , tempered white glass , ultra- white glass and crystal glass.

3 . Paint is a major problem , paint points, matte, semi-matte semi- bright light. The first two do for paint spray booths and environmental requirements are less stringent , so bright, unmissable paint room, aquatint better, do you want to paint the bottom three on three sides , sanding should be in place , even painting workshop reached clean better .

4 lamps : lamps great deal of research , a lot of lamps that are now sold in the market is good , there is one side of 72 meters . 60 lights, 52 lights . This widened the lighting effects and price. According to the cabinet within budget with how much space transformer , mainly depending on the product , what should be equipped with a light source , such as being white, warm , cold . This should affect the price of display cabinets and effects .

5 . Upscale cosmetic showcase store decoration and showcase must specialization, decoration and design to showcase two steps , however , the overall effect must match perfectly , looking for a special decoration decoration company , Showcase looking for specialized manufacturers . Although additional costs increase , but to increase brand merchandise , help businesses to join in favor of chain enterprises .cosmetic showcase




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