Simple Design Black and White Coffee Kiosk

Simple Design Black and White Coffee Kiosk

Hello, everyone! When it comes to coffee, I am sure many people are very interested. Many people also go for a cup of coffee in their spare time. There are many specialty coffee shops and coffee shops are usually accompanied by desserts. For the coffee shop, the big exposure should be the mall kiosks. Because the shopping mall has a large customer flow and a good location, many people prefer to build a kiosk to sell coffee in the mall. Although the kiosk is not large than the shop, it is fully equipped and the price is lower than the shop. Today I’d like to introduce you to the coffee kiosks in the mall.


The colors of the kiosk are black and white. These two colors are not bright colors, and the brown color of coffee can be matched. And black and white look more professional. It has very few decorations, only three pictures of lightboxes advertising its pictures. From the equipment on the kiosk, it can be seen that this kiosk not only sells coffee, but also sells desserts, and the cake cabinet in the front can be used to display cakes. The kiosk also has relatively few machines, just a cake cabinet, and two coffee makers and other small machines.

This kiosk made of MDF and baking paint, the countertop is man-made stone. Glass is frosted glass. And the kiosk also with a sink. It also has a cashier desk. This is a small, complete coffee kiosk. Size is 10x10ft, If you like this type, you can tell me your size, we can according to your business to design a similar one.

We are a custom company, so our kiosk doesn’t have a fixed shape and style or size. All the kiosk designs are derived from the client’s idea, combined with its size and the size of the machines. If you have space in your mall, you can contact us to discuss the design. We can do the 3d design and details drawing to you, you can sent them to your mall for approval. After approval, we will start production. If you have any questions, you can ask us.

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