Solid Wood and Man-made Stone Ice Cream Kiosk

Solid Wood and Man-made Stone Ice Cream Kiosk

Hello, welcome to our website. Today I want to introduce you to a beautiful ice cream kiosk. I think you’re all familiar with it. When you go to the mall, you can see all kinds of kiosks. They can be used to sell all kinds of things. We know that many people are willing to pay a lot of rent for space in a mall. Because of the good location of the mall and a large number of people. Your product can be noticed by more people. Let’s take a look at today’s main character.


We can see that the color of the kiosk is relatively light. Because of its just white color and wood color. Loos a little simple. The kiosk is made of stone and solid wood, The cost of these two materials is relatively high and the effect is very good. The table is surrounded by tempered glass. It can reduce the contamination of ice cream. Outside are some display pictures. It can show your products. Kiosk inside is some ice cream machines and sink. You can keep food clean. Solid wood shelving can be used as a decoration, or some lovely lights can be installed.

Kiosk size is about 4x2m. Materials are solid wood and stone. It includes a sink, light logo, and lightbox. We will also install sockets to help your machine run. If you have space in your mall, no matter what you are selling, you can tell me your space size and your requirements, then we will according to your requirements to design the kiosk. all of our products are designed and customized according to our customer’s requirements. So we have no stock and fixed style or price. If you are interested in our products, you can contact us and we can discuss more details.

Customize products all need to make a design first. Then we will know what is look like and we can make a modify. So you can tell us about your design requirements. After we confirm it and you get the approval, then we will start production. The production time is about 28 days. The design time is about 3 days. If you have any questions or you want to learn more, please contact us.

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