Solid wood furniture and furniture Features

Solid wood furniture and furniture Features

Solid wood furniture is made from natural wood , such as wood furniture generally can see the surface of beautiful patterns . For solid wood furniture, furniture makers generally pay attention to finishing varnish or matt lacquer , etc. to show the natural color of the wood.
Furniture is the middle-density fiberboard or particleboard veneer surface craft such as furniture made of . Such a large part of the furniture wood furniture simulation . Currently veneer on the market some of the more realistic furniture , gloss , feel so good , sophisticated technology product price is very expensive.

Overall, solid wood furniture, mainly due to meet the people back to nature psychology , and increasingly popular. Solid wood furniture flaw is due to changes in moisture content makes it easy to deform , need careful care , if they can not let the sunlight, not too cold or giant hot , too dry and humid environment for solid wood furniture is inappropriate . Once the manufacturer strict, it is easy to make low-quality products into the consumer’s home .

Furniture is popular mainly because it has a variety of veneers can give to a variety of different color and texture feelings. Furniture also has easy deformation characteristics. Because generally have a combination of features disassembly and loved by many people . The disadvantage is that some manufacturers of furniture and other materials in the production of particleboard , veneer and no will but then , easy release of harmful formaldehyde on their whole package.

Solid wood furniture and how to overcome the shortcomings of it ? The easiest way is to buy brand-name manufacturers. Some of the best manufacturers of solid wood furniture products are often carried out in strict drying process , the moisture content of the wood remain within a limited range , so the furniture is not easy deformation , and after-sales service is guaranteed. Another famous furniture manufacturers more choice for environmental compliance plate , and most were perfect veneer processing , a good edge, so that the gas diffusion furniture reached the lowest level , the human body does not constitute any damage. Consumers should pay attention to when buying , you can open the door or drawer smell , if there is a strong smell of sexual stimulation , then mostly formaldehyde , not to buy.

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