Some clothing display cabinet display rules

Some clothing display cabinet display rules

Some clothing display cabinet display rules



1. front mounted display specifications : clothes hanging on the front display cabinets display more suitable for display and the main section of the popular models , which should display note the following .
A. goods should be hanging out with the family in the same display area . Meanwhile, the breakdown of male and female clothing should be hung shows .
When B. clothing display , should follow the principle of small to large .
C. Positive mounted color should follow from the outside and inside , in principle, from shallow to deep .
D. front mounted price tag should be configured .
(2) Clothing transverse mounted display cabinets display specifications : horizontal mount easier to fit the customer to compare the selection, while the store salesperson can follow in order to explain the product order . For transverse mounted display conduct should be guided by the following five principles .
Should use the same racks within the same area A. .
B. the same display area , not simultaneously downloading the same paragraph clipped the front and side hanging folders .
C. Each garment should maintain a certain distance , usually a distance of 2-5 cm .
D. For the dress , its ties, belts , zippers should remain complete.
E. ensure that each garment can clean and tidy , no fold marks.


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