Sony Kiosk opens in Westfield Parramatta

Sony Kiosk opens in Westfield Parramatta


The new Sony kiosk at Westfield Paramatta

Consumer and home electronics vendor, Sony Australia, will soon be opening a new Sony kiosk in Parramatta’s Westfield Shopping Centre, near Sydney.

The kiosk aims to provide shoppers with an interactive Sony experience that lets them get hands-on with the company’s newest products. Specialists will offer advice and educate shoppers about its products across all categories, with a specific focus on PCs, digital imaging and smartphones.

They will also demonstrate its current technology and how users can benefit the shopper’s varied lifestyles, such as using NFC-enabled devices.

“Sony Kiosks are a key part of our retail strategy. Designed to deliver an engaging Sony brand experience, the Parramatta Westfield Kiosk will focus on educating consumers about our latest range of Sony products and the technological innovations that can enhance their daily lives,” Sony Australia sales general manager, Jeremy Senior, said.

Senior added that the kiosk will have a strong halo effect for the company’s retail channel partners.

“By providing an accessible and engaging environment in a high-traffic location, we expect shoppers to become more educated about Sony’s technology and lifestyle solutions. This can only have a positive effect on our channel partners.”

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