Sushi kiosk

Sushi bar kiosk for sale

Sushi is originated in Japan,now is very popular in many countries.A mall sushi kiosk is used in shopping mall and shopping center to make handmade sushi,display and sell fresh sushi or fast food.May be you are still looking for a good supplier to make your sushi display kiosk?Then come in our page really your best Choice.

Why choose UKS to build the sushi kiosk for you?

Food kiosk is the strength of UKS.Because when UKS just started exported,started did are food kiosks.We did many sushi kiosks used in many famous malls,like westfield mall,DFO mall in Australia,GGP,Simon in USA,The brigges in UK etc.As we know these malls requirements are very strict and standard is high,you may ask why we can meet mall needs?Let me tell you,fristly for kiosk design,we have experienced design team,will follow mall requirements and standard to design your kiosk,like height,layout,logo,electricity,wires all will follow mall needs to design;second,we will use the materials follow mall needs strictly,use high quality fire retardant wood and stone,durable tempered glass to make the mall sushi kiosk for you;Third,we will do professional tech drawing show all details very clearly.So you needn’t worry about approval,we willl help you solve this.

We cooperated with many famous food kiosk brand,like Chatime,Juiced life,My culture,DoDo bubble tea,Starbucks etc.

After you checked our web,have you found the sushi kiosk design you like?If you found,can congratulation;if no,also no worries,we do customized,we can create a new design for you!

You can just contcat us,tell us your location size,style you want,machines you will need etc,you can tell us your ideas and needs,also we will give you some ideas,then our designer will design your sushi kiosk as your needs for you see effect!Just feel free contact us if you have any needs.