SWTOR Armor dyes and Appearance Designer Kiosk details

SWTOR Armor dyes and Appearance Designer Kiosk details

Details on the armor dyes and the appearance designer kiosk feature players can expect in patch 2.1, titled Customization.

Appearance Designer Kiosk

  • Allow you to change your hairstyle, your haircolor, eyecolor, species, scars, tattoos
  • Introduced a few new hairstyles and hair colors for certain species
  • Plans to continue introduce options in the appearance designer in the future months at a regular cadence.
  • Roleplay players can enjoy the ability to customize their character’s appearance as their character level up (i.e. adding battle scars after a big battle).
  • Cartel coins only but there is a permanent discount on all appearance designer kiosk options for subscribers – up to 50% on a lot of options such as species change.
  • If you want to change your character to a Cathar example, there is just a one time fee associated with all the Cathar options.
  • Charging on a per slider basis – if you just want to change your eye color for example, you can just jump in, change it right away and just get charged for that.
  • For species changes, you can preview any species, play around with it, and then decide to unlock that species (if you don’t already have it) directly from the kiosk for credits or cartel coins.
  • Kiosks are placed in fleet and in capital worlds for now.
  • Accessing the Kiosk will be similar to character creation – it will load up a full portrait view of your character and you can zoom in and out as needed.
  • You can change pretty much anything you can change in character creation – scars, tattoos, species, etc.

Dye Modules

  • Give you the ability to either dye entire armor sets or mix-match specific pieces of armor.
  • Two portions of your gear are dyeable: primary color and secondary color (i.e. for Havoc squad armor, white would be primary color and orange would be the secondary color).
  • Dye modules come in primary only, secondary only, and primary & secondary mixed.
  • Dye modules are consumables so you can insert them to change colors but gets destroyed once you pull them out.
  • You will see them in the cartel market for direct purchase, in future packs (i.e. contraband packs and beyond), a certain amount of colors are available through crafting (no details on the crew skills involved but you can RE them), and some unique colors from the security key and Collector’s Edition vendors. Expect more colors to be added in the coming months.
  • Dye modules work off the current item enhancement/modding system. You will just open up the item modification panel for any gear you want to dye, drop a dye module in the new dye module slot, and hit accept to have it dyed.
  • Many pieces of equipment will be able to be dyed and you can preview a dye module on that specific piece of equipment before hitting accept.
  • Unified to chest also works – you can just dye your chest piece and have the color applied to rest of your outfit.
  • Some items are not dyeable – anything below L15, anything green (unless it comes from crafting), are generally not dyeable.
  • Lore outfits like armor of  Jolee Bindo are not dyeable.
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