The advantage of factory price

The advantage of factory price

The advantage of factory price

The price for direct factory sale would be less cost for you,it means that you will have more profit,so,you will earn more from you business.That’s why more and more business man are finding the factory,not the trading company,because th etrading company will earn much fron it.

But an other question is that the factory will always using the EX-work business way,it is not welcomed by the customers.For the EX-work,the explain of it was: price of any commodity/ any item at it’s work place exclusive of taxes , transportation from place of work and accessories associated with it is called ex-works price.It is the sale price of finished goods at factory’s warehouse. buyer have assume cost of transportat.

If it by T/T,I think it is safety for you to transfer the money.Because it is the true company.Also,you can travel to China and have a visit to the factory.Because the fees you cost from the trading company was enough for you to have traveled to China.It is worth to do it.

Unique kiosk is a factory to do the kiosks,including the food kiosks,cosmetic kiosks,jewelry display showcase,salon kiosks,especially for the nail/teeth whitening kiosk,etc.

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