“The Best Deals on Custom: Retail Carts and Shipping Container Concessions.

“The Best Deals on Custom: Retail Carts and Shipping Container Concessions.


“The Best Deals on Custom: Retail Carts and Shipping Container Concessions.

Retail Mall Kiosks, Coffee Carts and Food Kiosks”

Cart-King International
 specializes in the design and manufacturing of mobile food carts, coffee carts, mall kiosks, shipping container kiosks and concession trailers. Our business also offers the best pricing and next day shipping on many of our specialized cart and kiosk units. We ship all over the world. Cart-King International’s catalog includes everything from custom designs and specialty retail units designed to fit your exact specifications. We sell and service the continent from LA to NY and from Vancouver to Florida. Our plethora of portable products has been themed to tantalize and attract your customer’s senses.

“Get Your Sales Rolling!”

Retail merchandising and specialty retail  applications are our strength. We manufacture with wood for indoor use and aluminum for outdoor use. All of our units are designed and manufactured to best serve the shopping malls or outdoor locations they will be installed in. The custom design and fabrication of your sales platform dreams  is one of the most important element in our building process. If a shipping container kiosk is the object of your desire, we meet and maintain all local, state and federal specifications. Our company name is synonymous with information, innovation, mobility and merchandising. Everything we provide, even our mobile kitchens have wheels on them. You can move your indoor or outdoor vendor or truck or trailer concession units to another location which will suit your needs as a business owner at any time.

“Turn Your Pools and Parking Lots Into Profit Centers !”

Unique food, beverage and sales platforms are here to stay. We can help you increase your brand presence and exposure with low cost solutions. Let us be your partner to assist you in taking your dreams to reality. We have all the tools required. CAD system, 3D rendering, graphics, fabrication. We can make in wood, steel or aluminum. We will take your dreams and eventually deliver it to you. Cart-King International is the company that you turn to when you want to get a lift in your vendor sales!


Shipping Container Kiosks


Retail Mall Display Kiosks


Date: 8, Mar. 2014.

Name: Lucia Yang

Email: < mailto:sales06@uniquekiosk.com">sales06@uniquekiosk.com

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