The effect of jewelry kiosk for display

The effect of jewelry kiosk for display

  Jewelry display cabinets on the environment, the exhibition floor space planning, based on the plane, three-dimensional treatment planning based on the combination display the contents and forms of exhibition space as well as the existing building structure, style, determine the form of lighting, construction of the overall organization of space, coordinate space and other environmental considerations. Also from time to time to absorb new external content from around the success of the brand in the instance to improve and grow depict the inner and the show. It will not only receive a steady stream from the mall in effectiveness from time to time, but also a strong impetus to the entire brand image promotion, civilized quality. Not only affects the actual benefits of the brand, dress shop space and space show depicting success. Stakeholders and also to the brand’s growth and extension. On the other hand, the depiction of jewelry and decorative showcase not only the performance of the operating characteristics of the brand, jewelry display cabinet also expressed varying degrees of personality, philosophy and the humanities concept of the brand.
  1 The role of functional space design indirect impact of space services .

  2 space design dress dress brand positioning , jewelry showcase of design quality , as well as popular features are the indirect effects extending into the space image.

  3 stores designed to improve the situation and to reflect the brand’s style. And can be good for integration, which indirectly affect the success or failure of the jewelry display cabinet brand management .

  4 and operators to study design features and brand image characteristics Showcase of reference , comparing design ideas and creativity, whether Harmony ( theme color, lighting illuminance and color temperature ) , whether the visual impact, the proposal put forward and showcase program of convergence .

 5 Joint indirect impact dressed space design philosophy and design of the spatial positioning.

 6 . Detailed site survey and the business side survey to showcase the spatial location and building structures , facilities ( heaven, earth , walls, columns , lighting, ventilation , access, stairs, etc. ) features in the hardware environment . This is designed to showcase the effective use of space plane and the display of goods to attract customers and showcase the brand image , provide a design basis .


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