The Five Basic Principles

The Five Basic Principles

The five basic principles :


( 1 ) timber

    The market supply of wood is generally plate- shaped timber , the first to understand the degree of drying in the choice of the selected timber , dry timber production of the finished product is not easy to take shape , conditional instruments to measure the moisture content of the available timber . Depends on the specifications of the second timber , preferably the same as the width of the timber ends , uniform thickness , the thickness and length of the selection will be directly related to the use of materials such as wood flooring keel is preferably 50mm thick , preferably wood timber frames 2100mm length and so on. Proper selection can both reduce the amount of labor savings .

    ( 2 ) Select the sheet

    Be sure to select the sorter puzzle when ① Blockboard , do not use hand puzzle . Mezzanine fight Blockboard tight stitching machine , wood is better, there is no gap after sawing , and the fight inside the hand sawn wood Blockboard fight inequality , poor wood , large gaps. ② veneer plywood surface layer should be smooth , no degumming , grainy texture clear, not lack of edge chipping . ③ five plywood, nine PCT board to smooth surface, no degumming , uniform thickness, thickness standard size requirements.

    When the choice of wood and sheet metal decoration according to the requirements of timber , according to specifications to pick a purpose , not blindly purchase , resulting in waste materials. When choosing the best carpenter invited along to help plan and selection .


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