The maintaining points of mobile phone showcase

The maintaining points of mobile phone showcase

Mobile Showcase maintenance points

   1, will produce distortion at high temperatures, it is recommended storage temperature controlled at least below 50 ℃, continuous use temperature is not higher than 90 ℃.

   2, acrylic resin due to the humidity will produce stretching. 若使 absorbing plate unevenly, with the degree of extension of each part of the sheet is different, sometimes warpage.

   3, the surface hardness of the acrylic resin is substantially the same as aluminum, although it belongs to the kind of hard plastic, but it must be noted when using the scars. But also to prevent injuries, adhesion of dust.
   4, do not leave it in the paint storage room, spray booths and other locations keep solvent vapor, please use a clean venue. Acrylic resin because of corrosion coatings, the solvent, and the surface cracking phenomenon.

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