The situation in Ukraine News: Putin for the first time to fight back!

The situation in Ukraine News: Putin for the first time to fight back!

The situation in Ukraine News Putin Yanukovych Turchinov pro-European pro-Western faction Russian grain exports Ukraine‘s grain imports Shame

The situation in Ukraine News: President Yanukovych ousted, Turchinov occasion agency‘s pro-Western president, facing the United States, the EU and the IMF is ready to inject bailout funds in Ukraine, Putin launched the "exact" comeback possible give the opposition majority in the western states to hit Russia threatened to restrict imports of Ukrainian grain. Earlier, Turchinov has said that Ukraine Treasury has bottomed out.

As Ukraine‘s largest trading partner, Russia, Ukraine imports accounted for more than 2,000 tons per year to 25% of grain exports. Speculation that Putin or wielding the big stick of economic sanctions, the lesson of this former Soviet republic.




Russia’s Interfax news that on the 24th, the Russian animal and plant quarantine department head Sergei Dankvert said that the fear of the situation in Ukraine turmoil will lead to food safety control standards decline, Russia and the "customs union state" may temporarily restrict high-risk foods in Ukraine imports.

Dankvert said: "I myself and my colleagues extremely worried about the situation in Belarus, Ukraine, we do not exclude the presence of prohibited agricultural high-risk animal and plant quarantine import Ukraine.." Dankvert had also negotiated with the quarantine department heads on the issue of Belarus and Ukraine deputy Minister of Agriculture Ivan Bisyuk on the phone.

Dankvert said that import restrictions may apply to all transit through a third-party product.

The Russian side believes that the current situation in Ukraine, cast doubt on whether the company can properly quarantine normal, especially in the United States have reported that the swine flu virus may have generated pollution.


Dankvert said the inspection and quarantine work to a large extent is based on trust. If the Ukrainian government service does not improve, further said that if they replace the leadership, then the past few years to establish business cooperation will be affected. Dankvert said, this is not all bad news, of our colleagues in Ukraine remains committed to expanding trade between the two countries.

Russia suddenly raised Ukrainian agricultural problems seem a little strange. If you consider the financial blog Zerohedge think the current time node, then this is the perfect time.


At 23, the President of Ukraine on behalf Turchinov noted that Ukraine ‘s economy is derailed , no treasury funds . As early as 2008 , after the European debt crisis , Ukraine is in serious economic difficulties. This is also the Yanukovich government halted join the EU , Russia, the most important reason to seek assistance . Recent civil unrest further exacerbates the Ukrainian economy , Ukraine ‘s sovereign credit rating was downgraded from 3C + 3C, means that its economic capacity is not to be trusted . The EU is committed to Ukraine to provide at least 20 billion euros in loans , but the harsh conditions attached ; Russia has yet to recover $ 15 billion unconditional aid previously proposed , but the case will depend on the new government grant . Turchinov has said it will not close the dialogue with Russia.

Russia’s anti- western regions of Ukraine is highly dependent on agricultural exports , while the pro-Russian eastern places heavy industry . After the political turmoil over three months later, the Ukrainian economy on the verge of collapse , sovereign debt default in the eve . Russia’s move to the opposition may be a reminder: Do not forget to Ukraine ‘s economic lifeline is still in Russian hands .



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